Earlier this month Little Bushey Community conducted a traffic survey by Wayside Avenue to ascertain the current number of vehicles using Little Bushey Lane in the morning.

Our researchers counted 1631 private vehicles over a three hour period at this spot, from 0730 – 1030 on a weekday morning. This did not include vans, lorries or buses.

The peak traffic flow was 0730 – 0830, with 46% of total traffic at 733 cars; 36% was recorded 0830 – 0930 with 592 cars, which dropped to 19% 0930 – 10:30 with 306 cars.

This survey did not take account of vehicles leaving the lower part of Little Bushey Lane in the direction of Aldenham Road.

The proposal by Redrow that 18 hectares of land be released from the Green Belt for some 400 houses, means that it is likely that another 800 cars would be using Little Bushey Lane during peak periods.

Professional advice received on Redrow’s own traffic study by Vectus states that it is not clear how and when a site visit was undertaken to establish the operation of the local highway network and that data was not collected from new developments to determine car ownership.

Further observations on the report are

  • The key junctions identified are not realistic: There is also Sandy Lane and Bushey High Street/ London Road and others which should be considered, but in any event the roads and junctions are already overloaded
  • The site scores low on Public Transport Accessibility Level
  • Bus services are poor with 30min intervals for the one bus and yet the site is considered a sustainable location
  • No assessment of road safety has been undertaken, ignoring the many accidents at the Sandy Lane junction with the A41 and damage-only ones there and elsewhere
  • Local traffic levels used suggest no increases in traffic yet no figures or summary provided
  • Traffic calming speed humps will need to revisited….
  • On street car parking along Little Bushey Lane suggests that car ownership of residential properties is greater and its presence will be to the detriment of highway safety.


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