Figures obtained from Herts County Council prove that existing schools have no capacity for demand created by new development on the green belt.

In particular the secondary school closest to Harts Farm fields is Bushey Meads, for which the September 2018 intake was oversubscribed by 81% while second-closest, Queens, was oversubscribed by 83%. Neither of these have capacity in any year group as demonstrated from the data obtained.

The picture at junior and infant level is much the same, with the most oversubscribed schools being Bushey Heath and Bournehall with 82% and 83% respectively. (Source:…/vacancies-in-hertfordshi…)

In addition, Cllr Harvey Cohen spoke at the Bushey Forum meeting in November and commented that even if there is an intention to provide public services in a certain area, there is no guarantee that the resources can be made available to deliver them.

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