Analysis by Little Bushey Community shows that there are more sustainable green belt sites for housing in other parts of the borough and on its border.

Using Hertsmere’s ‘Planning for Growth’ document and their commissioned ‘Sustainability Appraisal Scoping’ report by the Land Use Consultancy, the Harts Farm fields site is scored as satisfactory for education (despite being over-subscribed), but strong in services and housing although far from public transport. It scores a minor positive for community cohesion. The Compass Park site fares much the same although it scores very strong for education.

Bushey Country Club scores highly because of its proximity to shops, buses, trains and the new health centre. The site is partially brownfield and in our opinion would benefit from cross subsidy from housing development to fund a new community facility which will provide the opportunity to strengthen community cohesion and access to open space.

Outside of Bushey, these sites all scored very strongly in the sustainability report on education, services, housing and community cohesion.

Kemprow Farm, Radlett (500 homes)
Proposal includes a new school
Proximity to trains and town centre/shops

Rabley Green, Shenley (1500 homes)
Delivery of new support facilities

Oakroyd Avenue, Potters Bar (880 homes)
Proposal includes a new school
Proximity to trains and town centre/shops

Dugdale Lane, Potters Bar (1300 homes)
Proposal includes a new school

Tyttenhanger Estate, St Albans (4000 homes)
New garden village and therefore all supporting services
Capable of more than the 4000 homes indicated
New services provided will improve offer to existing community

Overall, a combination of the Council’s ‘Planning for Growth’ document and its Land Use Consultancy sustainability appraisal, show that there are sites both in Bushey and in other parts of the borough which are capable of supporting housing delivery, and meeting the Council’s targets which are in more sustainable and better served locations.

Many of the proposed sites in the ‘Planning for Growth’ document will be inaccessible for the majority to facilities and public services.  Those closer to health care, shops, buses, trains and other services should be prioritised over those which are not – especially where healthcare and shops are over a mile away.

There are many sites which score highly in both the Council’s review and the LUC report.  Some sites include the provision of new schools.  Given that all sites proposed will challenge existing school facilities, those which will provide for a new school should be prioritised.

Priority should also be given to sites which give easy access to public transport and reduce the reliance on car usage to get to stations and produce congestion in streets surrounding them

Ranking the land surrounding Harts Farm alongside these other sites indicate that there are many more, more suitable for housing development and that overall there is capacity for around 10,000 homes on sites very strongly graded by LUC.

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