We hope you’ve been finding the articles useful and as we all know the deadline for submitting our comments on the Local Plan is midnight on Thursday 20 Dec.   This means we all need to start sending them in NOW! Please remember, the Harts Farm fields are known as Site B1.

Please register on the Hertsmere portal and either go here: http://bit.ly/HertsmerePlanComments (click Add Comments) or email: local.plan@hertsmere.gov.uk.

We have been advised that all letters/emails must be individually written so we’ve set out the supporting evidence in a few bullet points below for you to phrase in your own words.

1. Infrastructure

based on survey of Rossway Drive residents, we estimate an additional 675 cars will be trying to access Little Bushey Lane at peak times and based on a survey taken at the corner of Wayside Avenue, traffic at the lights on Little Bushey Lane currently reaches a peak between 7.30 and 8.30am at 733 cars;

– the point above is undoubtedly going to have an impact on the state of the roads which are already suffering;

the lack of high quality public transport goes against recommendations in the National Planning Policy Framework, while we already know that the 306 route is unsuitable from a capacity and route perspective.

2. Environment

– the Harts Farm fields (B1 site) are home to a number of protected wildlife species and footpaths;

– the site is in a known flood zone.

3. Access to public services

– schools in the area are already over-subscribed.

4. Hertsmere strategy

– there are sites more suited to development. The Planning for Growth document has more information and in the meantime, when responding please feel free to pick your favourites from the following:

Kemprow Farm, Radlett (500 homes) – site R1;
Rabley Green, Shenley (1500 homes) – site H1;
Oakroyd Avenue, Potters Bar (880 homes) – site PB3;
Dugdale Lane, Potters Bar (1300 homes) – site PB1; and
Tyttenhanger Estate, St Albans (4000 homes) – site H2

– the site scores low on Public Transport Accessibility Level, according to a report commissioned by the landowner from Vectus. Check out the bottom of this news piece for the other findings.

Thanks for your continuing support and remember to get your comments registered with Hertsmere Borough Council as soon as you can!

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