A report by consultants Arup, and commissioned by Hertsmere, has identified land at Harts Farm fields as the land contributing less to the Green Belt than the other Bushey sites being promoted. Arup have bundled the 18 hectares of land surrounding the farm with other fields stretching from Elstree Road and Caldecot right down to the farm itself. Effectively this could accommodate around 1200 houses and leaves land not currently being promoted vulnerable to developers.

The other sites being promoting in Hertsmere’s ‘Planning for Growth’ document seem much safer. Land at the other end of Little Bushey Lane – now being referred to as Compass Park – is considered to be strongly important to the Green Belt and is not recommended for further action. Bushey Country Club is considered moderately important and also not recommended for further consideration.

Consultation on the proposals run for another month and Little Bushey Community will be providing the important reasons for rejecting the proposals.

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