The residents from the new development in Rossway Drive are likely to be typical of any householders who might occupy homes that could be built on the green built land around Harts Farm. As a result, Little Bushey Community have undertaken a study on their car usage.

The survey indicated that 15% of householders have one car, 85% have two cars and 30% are expecting to have additional cars within the next five years.

In terms of car usage, 100% use their cars for work, of which 85% drive to a local station. 77% drive their children to school, but not all households have school age children.

100% of households drive to their GP and 85% admitted to driving to the local shops.

What the study also revealed was that none of the houses surveyed used public transport, nor did they car share.

If these statistics were translated to development on Harts Farm fields, it would mean an additional 675 cars exiting on to Little Bushey Lane in peak hours in the first instance – with a steady climb in future years. Demand for car parking at local stations with no current spare capacity would top 578.



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