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These fields will disappear forever if we don’t act now

Under plans proposed by developers, land grazed for centuries at Harts Farm and the adjoining fields are at serious risk of being removed from the Green Belt. Unless we challenge the developer’s proposal it will proceed with plans to develop 400 homes on the Little Bushey Lane 18-hectare site.  Imagine an extra 1,000 cars on the Lane; increased likelihood of flooding; competition for places at bulging schools; even longer waiting time for the doctors; loss of our dwindling wildlife habitats; and of course, no public transport. This precious Green Belt needs to be protected for future generations.

How you can help now

How you can help now

About Little Bushey

Little Bushey was a settlement in its own right until between-the-wars development blurred the lines between it, Bushey village and Bushey Heath. What became Little Bushey Lane was originally the thoroughfare from Aldenham to Bushey Heath.

Stretching from Elstree Road to Aldenham Road and across farm land to Aldenham, until the 1930s the area had more farms than residences including Little Bushey Farm (where Woodfield Rise is now) and Bushey Grove Farm, opposite the Jewish cemetery. The footpaths that criss-cross the fields, linked us to Aldenham until the A41 and M1 severed them. Many residents remember fishing in ponds and streams and cows grazing the fields before Harts Farm became stables

You would be forgiven for not realising all of this, as the only remaining acknowledgment are the destination boards on buses – a tradition carried on by Sullivans on the 306.

However, the real daily reminder of our heritage are the fields that stretch from Little Bushey Lane to the A41 and M1, forming part of a green corridor for wildlife and untouched for centuries.

About Little Bushey Community

Little Bushey Community was set up by a small group of residents who became aware of responses to Hertsmere’s ‘Call for Sites’ which included a developer’s proposal to remove 18 hectares of land from Green Belt designation.

In response to the plans, and following a meeting with local counsellors, we have started to consider ways in which the proposal could be challenged.

Now is the time to share this information, broaden the group and harness the talents of Little Bushey community starting with a meeting at Bushey Sports Club on 24th October 2018.

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